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About Us / Product Information

About Us (ITC) began in 1998 as a standalone in-service tracking software package. The primary user was a healthcare facility which was required to comply with state and federal regulations to track in-service training of all employees; many facilities are required to have individual employee sheets showing all of their training and maintaining a running balance of the time accumulated. The package was so effective in keeping running balances and saving time that users wanted an on-line version.

In the early 2000's we started offering online in-service training classes. Our goal was to be very user friendly and have comprehensive training. Today we deliver 1000's of classes every month to employees nationwide.

Product Information

InserviceTracking, LLC provides training services for employees in healthcare settings.

We offer two services.

  1. We are experts in providing your facility a quick online service to keep track of your own instructor-led in-service training sessions.
  2. In addition we offer comprehensive online in-service training to all of your employees targeting compliance issues in healthcare.
Both services can be used simultaneously.