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Here's what a few of our customers have to say about (ITC).

Wow! I get a report for each employee - showing their inservice training and totals. I don't have to transcribe each employee's inservice training to their own sheet. The system does it for me. A real time saver!


It's so easy to enter an inservice training class - takes less than a minute. I can post attendance for all employees attending that class in less than a minute and I'm done!

Director of Nursing

I'm assigned to keep track of inservice training. It took hours to post each employee's sheet by hand. I was always a month or so behind. Now ITC does all that for me. Now it's fun to post inservice training and I'm always up to date.


Posting inservice training to employees' records is click, click, click, click, click and I'm done. Everyone thinks I'm a wiz and I'm always up to date. Thanks ITC.

LVN/Medicare Manager

The survey team loved it.